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Small Business Loans that Make a Big Impact

February 13th, 2013 | Posted by CillianO in Merchant Cash Advance | Small Business Loan

merchant cash advanceWe have discussed at length the difficulties faced by small businesses in the current economic landscape, specifically the challenge of securing finance to further growth with credit requirements being as restrictive as they are. Of course, a business cash advance is an obvious solution but what to do if your small business does not do credit card sales or makes little in credit card sales?

Our Microloan programs are here to answer the call. Specifically intended for healthy businesses that do small sales in credit card transactions (such as cash-only restaurants, cafes, boutiques or small retail ventures), microloan programs allow small businesses access to the funds required for everything from new employees to an office renovation. As part of the microloan programs, the advance is paid back through weekly ACH payments.

Those wondering whether or not they qualify for a short term loan, simply need to assess whether they satisfy the below requirements:

  • Must make a minimum of $10,000 in bank deposits per month
  • Must have been owned and operated for at least 12 months
  • Must be able to provide clean bank statements showing a consistent cash flow, as well as a personal credit score

If you are interested in securing a microloan for as much as $60,000, then complete our simple online application form, or contact one of our associates at 877.422.7501

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